Ringworm EP

by Bloom

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released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Bloom California

Koch, Mason and Jeff. Ringworm EP out April 21st!

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Track Name: Ringworm
I ain't going nowhere
I'm in a moonage nightmare
I'm as chill as my chair
I'm as fried as my hair

I ain't going nowhere

I guess I'm just stuck here
Content with feeling queer
A bed soaked in tears
A head soaked in fears
Track Name: Joynoise
I never said I was crazy
I never said I wasn't, either
Make the demons go away
And hold your grip on me tighter
My innocence and benevolence
Are like piss stains in the snow
I never said I was crazy
But one day, I'll explode

I love the way you look at me
When you are angry
The stain in your white wedding
I'm the pigeon to your dove
My arrogance and incompetence
Are the things that melt the snow
I never said I was crazy
But one day, I'll explode

One day, I'll explode
Track Name: Sad Song
I don't know where I'll go next
My lack of growth leaves me perplexed
Write down what you feel in a golden text
Still the feelings are too complex
He says he tries as hard as he can
But he doesn't feel like a man
He's still a boy without a plan
But he'll grow up as soon as he can

Boy, you're going nowhere fast
How long is this going to last?
I'm asking him to change his ways
But nobody's listening, anyway

A broken record I'll refuse to change
No matter how much the needle's pained
There's something inside keeping you strange
And you think nobody sees your face
He says that he doesn't care
You see it in his vacant stare
One day, he'll explode bigger than a solar flare
But until then, he sits there
Track Name: Therapy
I'll let you know when I'm on my way home from here
You're not there if I close my eyes and ears
Close the door, turn the TV up loud when you yell
Wipe your eyes before you come back from Hell

There's no one to house when your home burns down
Maybe things will turn around

When you look at yourself what do you say?
How do you feel about the lives you trade?
How the hell did you wake up today?
It's all in the pain that you create

Maybe things will turn around